When will I receive my order?

Five working days after we have received your order and payment, you will receive the ordered condoms through the letterbox at the completed delivery address in the Netherlands. We ship anonymously and discreetly (our name is not mentioned on the packaging) with DHL.

Indication of the delivery time in the Netherlands
Ordered on:  Delivered on: *
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday Monday
Saturday Tuesday
Sunday Tuesday

* Indicative delivery times apply to orders ordered and paid on working days before 2 pm

We assume that PostNL delivers within 1 to 2 working days. Delivery time in Belgium is on average 4 working days longer, depending on the postal delivery service.

Indication of delivery times in different countries
Country:  Delivery time: *
Spain with track & trace:

Spain without track & trace:

3 to 4 business days (post.nl) 

7 to 9 business days (post.nl) 

Denmark with track & trace:

Denmark without track & trace:

3 to 7 business days (post.nl) 

7 to 9 business days (post.nl) 

Germany with track & trace: 2 to 4 business days
France with track & trace:

France without track & trace:

2 to 3 business days (post.nl) 

7 to 9 business days (post.nl) 

Luxembourg with track & trace:

Luxemburg without track & trace:

2 to 3 business days (post.nl) 

3 to 4 business days (post.nl) 

*Delivery times are an indication. It can sometimes take a business day longer. Unfortunately there is not much we can do about this, we depend on the postal delivery for this.

Do I pay shipping costs?

We take care of the shipping costs for orders in the Netherlands and Belgium. For other countries the shipping costs without track and trace are 5,07€ and the transport costs with track and trace are 14,12 €, for Luxemburg 7,58 € and for Germany 8,69 €.

Transport without track and trace is on your own risk and the transport time will be longer. 

Can I track my package?

Your order will be sent via letterbox post, so it cannot be tracked unfortunately. Your order will be delivered in the letterbox by the postman. You can track the status of your order .

Can my order be delivered to a different address?

You can have your order delivered to another address of your choice. You can do this in the second step of the shopping cart when ordering: choose ‘send to another address’. It is not possible to choose another country of delivery.