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Candy Cane Christmas | Frame

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Candy Cane Christmas Condooms

Printed condoms for a funny memory or a personal gift! With these frame condoms you can make your photo even funnier, more unique and memorable! With the design tool you can easily upload and scale your photo or you can create your own design. We print your photo in full color on the condom.

Condom Specifications

Fotocondoom uses CE- certified condoms with lubricant from Condommessage, called Beppy. These condoms are packaged in silver blank film (60×60 mm). We print your photo or design on one side in full color on the foil. The back of the condom remains unprinted. The brand, CE-logo, batch and expiration date are on this side.

The condoms are made of natural rubber latex and offer excellent protection. They have a standard size, roll out easily, and come with silicone-based lubricant and reservoir.