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Happy Birthday B*tch Gold | Birthday Condom

Happy Birthday B*tch Gold Condom Gift

You’ve chosen one of our “Birthday” themes, made especially for the best parties. Our printed condoms are a funny funny and unique gift for a friend or lover…. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

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Condom Specifications

Fotocondoom uses CE- certified condoms with lubricant from Condommessage, called Beppy. These condoms are packaged in silver blank film (60×60 mm). We print your photo or design on one side in full color on the foil. The back of the condom remains unprinted. The brand, CE-logo, batch and expiration date are on this side.

The condoms are made of natural rubber latex and offer excellent protection. They have a standard size, roll out easily, and come with silicone-based lubricant and reservoir.