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Make Love Not War | Ukraine Condom

Anonieme en discrete verzending.

Gratis verzending vanaf €20,-, binnen 2-4 werkdagen geleverd.

Make Love Not War Condom

Make Love Not War. You have chosen one of our themed condoms made especially, as the name suggests, for those who support Ukraine and believe the war is unnecessary. The entire proceeds will go to Giro 555.

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You will receive your photocondoms in your mailbox within 2-4 working days after receipt of payment. We ship anonymously and discretely (our name is not on the package) with DHL.

Condom Specifications

FotoCondom uses CE-certified condoms by CondomMessage, called Beppy. These condoms are wrapped in silver or white foil (60 × 60 mm). We print your photo or design on one side, in full color on the foil. The back of the condom remains unprinted. The brand, CE logo, batch number and expiration date are on this side.

The condoms are made of natural rubber latex and offer excellent protection. They have a standard size with lubricant, reservoir and roll out easily

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