How do I order ?

Via you can easily and quickly order condoms with your photo, text or design. Choose make your condom now and follow the steps:

Stap 1.  Upload a selfie:  Make your unique photo condom, completely according to your wishes. Upload a selfie, Facebook or Instagram photo via the design tool. You can add the large scales and text, Also read what you need to know about photo condoms. 
Stap 2. Confirm design: Confirm the number of condooms. If you like the design, place your photo condom “in the shopping cart”. Tip: first save by saving or download a preview of your design. You can order 12,24,48,100,250 or 500 photo condooms. If you want to orer more, please contact us.
Stap 3.  Order and pay: Choose “proceed to checkout”, fill in your details and your payment method and choose “place order”. YPu can pay directly online. You will automatically receive a confirmation email.
Stap 4. Track your order:  If you want to track your order, activate your account after ordering by entering a password. You can check whether you want ro receive our offers by email. 
Stap 5. Receive your condoms:  Five working days after we have received your order and payment, you will receive the ordered condoms through the letterbox at the completed delivery address in the Netherlands, see delivery.    


Will I receive a confirmation of my order?

One to ten minutes after your online order you will receive a confirmation email at your email address. If you do not receive this email, please check your junk, spam or junk email. If our confirmation email is nor listed either, please contact us.

What is the status of my order? 

You can view the status of your order by logging in. Possible Statuses:


Waiting for payment: Your order has been received, after your payment has been received, it can be put into production. 
In treatment: Your order and payment have been received and are in the production process.
On hold: Your order is on hold. Our production as quickly as possible. If we have questions or are missing information, we will contact you. 
Rounded Your order has been shipped/on its way, see delivery.
Canceled: Your order has been cancelled, will not be put into production.
Failed: your order or payment has not been successful and will not be put into production.