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From your friends you have to have it of course. At FotoCondoom you can order funny gifts for your friends. When you are at a party, and the atmosphere is a bit lacking, then it is time for a gift that will make you laugh. And of course, you can always present your friends with a funny gift. With funny gifts you can make sure that the atmosphere becomes a little cozier.

So would you like to order funny gifts for a birthday, a party or any other special occasion? Then you’ve come to the right place! At FotoCondoom, you can order the funniest gifts for men and women. With us, you don’t buy the usual standard gifts, but very original gifts.

Think of funny themed condoms or funny FotoCondoms that you can design yourself! You can order themed condoms from € 1.95 each and you can order at least 12 Photo Condoms for € 21.95. You can also choose from fun frames that you can add to your designs to make your condoms even funnier! There are also several fun themes of the frames to choose from. Check out all the frames here!

Laughter is healthy of course, which is why funny gifts work to make the world a better place. You can give these funny gifts for any occasion, so you can order them all year long! Are you especially looking for a gift for him? Then of course we have the fun Bear Lover or 18+ themed condoms. Are you looking more for a gift for her? Then we have the Christmas themed condoms that are sure to make you smile, so put them on your list. Check out all the themed condoms here!

It’s the most fun and original gift you can give to your best friend. Did you already have another gift? Then you can also give them as a small present. Of course, you can also buy them for personal use.

FotoCondoom’s rating is 4.58 out of 5 stars. This score is excellent. The reviews mainly state that they are happy with the fast delivery and with the quality of the printed film. Before purchasing FotoCondoms, it is important that you read through the Terms and Conditions. We make sure that the condoms are always in stock so you can always order them.

Even though they are funny gifts sold on FotoCondom, condoms are important. So why is it so important to use a condom? It is important that you yourself are convinced of the usefulness of using a condom. One advantage of using condoms is that you don’t have to worry about contracting an STD, it’s also nice that you can’t get someone pregnant.

So is the condom right for you? Of course, every contraceptive method has its advantages and disadvantages. You have to decide for yourself which method suits you best. If you would like more information about condoms, you can of course always consult your family doctor. Here you can at least see different advantages and disadvantages about the use of condoms:

Advantages condoms
– Protects you from pregnancy and STIs. Note that condoms are the only contraceptive that protects you from STIs.
– You can buy condoms in different shapes, sizes, colors and even many different flavors. You can also buy condoms that are latex free, with ridges or even with orgasm delaying gel.
– Also, condoms are very easily available. You can just buy them at a drugstore like the Kruidvat or even just order them anonymously online.

Disadvantages of condoms
– You always have to have condoms on hand and of course you never know when exactly you will need them. Of course, it could be that you need them one unexpected time.
– It is important that you practice before you start using condoms.
– Reliability depends on proper use.
– When changing oral, anal or vaginal contact, you should use a new condom each time.

The reliability of a condom really depends on its proper use. When you use the condoms correctly then the chances of pregnancy are very low. Namely 2 to 5%. Also, the chance of transmitting an STI is very small. This can only happen if your condom breaks or if you don’t wash your hands after they have been in contact with the penis or the vagina.

Of course, it can happen that your condoms tear. And this, of course, you want to prevent. If you do notice that the condom has torn after sex then you are not protected against pregnancy or an STI. And if you are not on the pill it is advisable to get a morning-after pill. Because you are also no longer protected against an STI it is advisable to do an STI test.

It can of course happen that your condoms tear. And of course you want to avoid this. If you do notice that the condom has torn after sex then you are not protected against pregnancy or an STI. And if you are not on the pill it is advisable to get a morning-after pill. Because you are also no longer protected against an STI it is advisable to do an STI test.
Condoms are best kept in a cool and dark place, like your nightstand. Condoms can not withstand extreme cold and high heat. It’s also not wise to put condoms with your keys, sharp objects can damage your condom.
Would you like to use condoms but don’t know how to talk about them? Then here are some tips for talking about condoms:

– You should think about when you actually want to start using condoms in advance. When you have just met someone you obviously don’t want to talk about safe sex right away.
– Think in advance about how you are going to talk about condoms with your sex partner and what exactly you want to say. If you practice beforehand, it makes talking easier. It is also nice if you know that you can trust this person.
– It is also important that you are honest. You have to be honest in saying that you don’t want to get an STI or that you don’t want to get pregnant or cause a pregnancy. Your partner is really going to understand you.

If you don’t want to talk about it, you can of course just put a condom on yourself or your partner. That way it is immediately clear. You can also talk about it with your friends and ask them how they did it. Still, it is handy to always have condoms with you, not only as a boy but also as a girl. You may not be planning to go to bed with someone at that time, but of course you never know.

Did you know that condoms are legally classified as medical devices? Therefore, there are also many rules for making hot product. Also the product always has a mandatory leaflet. Condoms get a CE mark if they meet the legal requirements. The quality requirements for condoms sold in Europe are laid down in the European Standard for Condoms.

When condoms meet this European quality standard, they can be recognized by the CE logo, which you can find on the packaging, the foil or the leaflet. With this CE-mark a producer shows that the product meets the requirements regarding safety, health, environment and consumer protection. The condoms of FotoCondom have the CE logo and thus meet the European quality standard.
Order your FotoCondoms now and put a smile on your best friend’s face.

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