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Personalized birthday gift

A personal gift
A personalized birthday gift gives that extra touch. It also shows that the recipient is special because you put a lot of effort into the design. Moreover, it’s not about the price you pay for a gift but the effort you put into it.

FotoCondoom is a website that is known for the very nicest personalized gifts with photos and text. You can personalize it to your own taste. For example, with a fun selfie, or a photo of a unique moment with a fun text.

Design tool
The personalized gifts are delivered quickly to your home! So is there someone’s birthday soon? And you do not know exactly what you want to buy? But you would like to give a personalized birthday gift. Then you’ve come to the right place. You can create your own design with the handy design tool on the website.

You can also have a large quantity printed to give at a birthday party. Photo Condoms, for example, are the perfect birthday gift for an 18 year old. And how fun would it be to use the 18+ frame to make your design even more appropriate. Are you curious about other frames? Then click here!

Themed Condoms
Want to add a little something extra to your gift? Then you can always spice it up with some themed condoms that are appropriate for the occasion. For a birthday we have funny themed condoms with texts like ‘Happy birthday bitch’! Want to see more themed condoms that are appropriate for a birthday party? Then click here!

Lollipop Stick
You can add your own lollipop stick to the condom! This way your condom looks just like a lollipop. By paying only €0.10 cents extra you already have unique lollipop condoms.

If you have any questions or need help with your design? Please send an e-mail to

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